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Aashna Hegde is one of the most popular female Tik Tok stars and YouTube personalities from India. Aashna Hegde is also one of instagram star who shares huge fan following.

Apart from being a popular dancer and choreographer, Aashna Hegde is also famous for his comedy skills and acting talent which he normally showcases on his Musical.ly account and YouTube channel.

Currently, Aashna Hegde is a Crowned Muser on Tik Tok and is seen in numerous popular videos with other famous Indian Musical.ly stars. Aashna Hegde  has a huge fan following with millions of views on his numerous Tik Tok ,Instageam and YouTube videos.

About Aashna Hegde


Real Name Aashna Hegde
Nickname Aashana
Date of Birth 8th February 1995
Age 24
Nationality Indian
Religion Hindu
Place of Birth Maharastra, India

Physical Stats

Height 5 ft 2″
Weight 54kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black


Mother Not Available
Sister Not Available


Indian YouTuber/Instagram Star/Dancer/Tik Tok Muser
Tik Tok ID aashna3
YouTube ID Aashna Hegde
Instagram ID aashnahegde
Facebook ID
Subscribers/Followers/Fans (approximate) TIK TOK – 2.8 Million fans

INSTAGRAM – 285,000 followers

YOUTUBE – 129,465 subscribers

Views/Likes/Hearts (approximate) TIK TOK – 43.0 Million Hearts


YOUTUBE – 5.8 Million Views

Hobbies Loves dancing,Music

Aashna Hegde is a young and highly talented dancer and celebrity  who is most renowned as a Musical.ly Crowned Muser as well as a popular Indian Instagram personality.

Aashna Hegde’s age is around 24, as Aashna Hegde was born on the  8th of February, 1995 in Maharastra, India. Aashna Hegde ‘s height is around 5 ft 2 inches  while Aashna Hegde ‘s weight is around 54 kg . In his spare time, Aashna Hegde loves dancing and acting and lists these as part of his hobbies.

Talking about his success as a YouTube personality, Tik Tik sensation and Instagram , Aashna Hegde has had millions of views on his Musical.ly videos and his YouTube videos have also drawn millions of views from this tens of thousands of fans, not only from India but also from abroad.

Aashna Hegde’s popularity can be clearly measured from his immense fan base.Aashna Hegde’s Tik Tok fans number around 2.8 Million Tik Tok fans, YouTube channel has over 129,465 YouTube subscribers and Aashna Hegde’s Instagram account has an impressive 285,000 Instagram followers.

Aashna Hegde’s talent can be measured with Aashna Hegde’s 2.8 Million Tik Tok hearts, and Aashna Hegde’s 285,000 Instagram  followers  and also with 285,000 YouTube channel getting over 5.8 Million views till date.

Interesting Facts About Aashna Hegde

  • Aashna Hegde has been a brand ambassador for Daniel Wellington watches
  • Aashna Hegde is a dog lover
  • She first posted to her Instagram account in November 2013

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